People Protection

In REXSECUR Seguridad Global, we protect our customers, these are some of the services we provide.

  • People Protection Services
  • Protection for entrepreneurs, executives and managers
  • Protection of potential victims of violence or harassment
  • Protection of groups of people
  • Comprehensive family protection
  • Board of Directors
  • High direction
  • Managers in company events
  • General Meetings of Shareholders
  • Artist Protection
  • Business trips
  • Tourism trips

REXSECUR Seguridad Global offers special personal protection services: bodyguards, authorized by the Ministry of Interior (General Police Directorate) specifically trained to carry out accompaniment, defense and protection tasks for specific persons or groups of persons.

The coverage of the personal protection service extends to both their professional and personal or family spheres.

Our escorts maintain a permanent coordination and collaboration with the Security Forces and Bodies, contributing in a relevant way to citizen security, creating safe environments in their areas of activity.

We have developed the necessary operational structure to offer a comprehensive personal protection service that takes into account all the variables that could affect your safety or that of your family.

We offer international protection, as established in the laws of each country.