Security Consulting

In REXSECUR Global Security, we analyze risks and design comprehensive security plans, to give continuity to your operations, while protecting people and material assets. These are our processes.

Security Plan Audit

Determine if the security plan and the risk analysis included in it cover all threats, as well as the damages and consequences that they could produce.

Safety risk analysis and prevention

We systematically study the risks, situations and circumstances that may affect the development of an activity, addressing a classification of them, a prior and essential element for an adequate proposal of means and measures.

Physical audit

Tasks aimed at determining in a clear and certain way the operating status of the physical measures (active and passive) existing in the facilities subject to the scope of this requirement, verifying the correct operation of all its elements and the suitability of systems, location and integration.

Logical and organizational audit

Aimed at clearly and certainly determining the operational status of the existing logical measures in the facilities subject to the requirement, as well as checking the organizational measures that ensure the safety of people and facilities and their integration with human, physical means.

Regulatory Compliance Audit

In a changing regulatory environment, we offer advice for companies subject to a regulatory body to properly manage risks in the area of ​​regulatory compliance.

Proposals for correction and improvement

Aimed to implement or replace deficiencies that could be detected based on risk, vulnerabilities and existing means.